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Coffee Karma is more than just your morning coffee spot for original, inspirational, and actionable philosophy memes. If you’re so inclined, we give you more insight so you can explore how to actually apply these memes to your life. Because the action step to anything that resonates is coming to know yourself.

Our Coffee Philosophy uses a blend of heuristic and theoretical research to explore and reveal the depths of the mind to provide you with words of wisdom. We want the words we pen to provide you, and anyone who is looking to improve their lives, the opportunities to learn how to think in a way which reveals your unique truth to you.

The Mind-Body Approach

Empty brain filling with coffee

If you want to know the depth of the mind-body connection, just consider a “stress headache.” This is the perfect example of how situations and thoughts impact the body. The body is part of your “physical reality.” If you continue to focus on this topic, more examples will reveal themselves. It will also become more apparent that you need to make a change.

Often we try to make big, outward changes with hopes of big…and quicker results. But quick fixes are rarely, if ever, long lasting. Change takes time and repetition. And while changing your actions is important, science shows us that you must first change your mental actions. Because your physical actions are based on the thoughts, and subsequent emotions, which come first.

Trying to convince yourself that a change in your actions is necessary is completely different than changing how you understand yourself. Understanding yourself is what leads to real, and lasting change.

Making a Change

We know that when we take physical action we try to “make a change.” But making a change requires “force”. And when we use any type of force, we naturally create a resistance.

We have a tendency to do the same when we try to “think positive.” We often want positive thoughts to overtake the negative thoughts. So we work extra hard mentally and when we don’t get the desired results quickly, well, we stop. And find ourselves back in the same old thought patterns.

Use Our Coffee Philosophy

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Coffee Karma is here to help you gain, and maintain, perspective. We know that changing our thoughts is the way to make huge impacts on how we live our lives. But changing our thoughts takes repetition. Just like changing our bodies. It takes time and patience. So we give you chewable thoughts and ideas for you to consider.

When you take a few minutes to consider our words, you practice focusing your mind on a topic. This focus causes you to reflect, illuminate, and begin to understand your personal truths. It is what sets the path for your journey of lasting change.

Understand That You’re Never Done

You must first understand that there is no “do this, get that” when it comes to changing your life. It truly is the journey of discovery of so many intriguing ideas and realizations which help adjust our approach to the world around us. These ideas and realizations are what make life — even the lowest lows — an adventure worth exploring.

The choice is yours to simply consider the words in our memes, or you can keep reading our posts to discover more of you. So return here as often as you’d like. There’s always more to discover about everything. The more you learn about yourself, the more meaning the words you read will have, the more your life will improve in ways you never imagined.

Coffee Philosophy Blog

Take some time to peruse our Coffee Philosophy Blog and keep this in mind:

Begin to nurture your mind so you may become a neutral observer of each of your thoughts. Focus and let each of them reveal themselves further to you. It’s like playing a “free association” game with your thoughts.

In time you will find this gets easier and easier. Soon you will begin to approach life with less bias, and greater objectivity. Remember, no one else is able to fill your needs better than you. Facilitating a change of mind is the first step to improving your entire life.