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Coffee Karma is your morning coffee spot for inspirational and actionable philosophy thoughts. We use our knowledge of the science behind the power of the mind, as well as our knowledge of spirituality and philosophy to provide thoughtful words of wisdom to help those who are looking to improve their lives in a way which will endure the test of time.

The Mind-Body Approach

Often we try to make big changes with hopes of big…and quicker results. But quick fixes are rarely, if ever, long lasting. Change takes time and repetition. And while changing your actions is important, that’s only half the battle. Science shows us that you must also change your mental actions, too.

Making a Change

We know that when we take physical action we try to “make a change.” But making a change requires “force”. And when we use any type of force, we naturally create a resistance.

We have a tendency to do the same when we try to “think positive.” We often want positive thoughts to overtake the negative thoughts. So we work extra hard mentally and when we don’t get the desired results quickly, well, we stop. And find ourselves back in the same old thought patterns.

Use Our Coffee Philosophy

Coffee Karma is here to help you gain, and maintain, perspective. We know that changing our thoughts can make a huge impact on how we live our lives. But changing our thoughts takes repetition. Just like changing our bodies. It takes time and patience. So we give you chewable thoughts and ideas to use to help you along your journey for change.

Take some time to peruse our Coffee Philosophy Blog and keep this in mind:

Begin to nurture your mind so you may become neutral. Become an observer of your thoughts and an observer of others so you may witness reactions (both yours and others) without bias. This way you can begin to logically approach situations to facilitate change and improve your life.