Coffee Fortune Telling

Some of you already know me, some of you don’t, but however you found your way here, welcome to the uniqueness of coffee fortune telling.

Today’s coffee reading is brought to you by my morning latte! Take from it what you will, tap your own intuition and tell me what you see. Do whatever feels right.

Remember, you found your way to this post for a reason, I hope it gives you some insight today!

Your thoughts are an important theme today. This pour makes me think of all the things walls keep out, and equally keep in.
Walls are an interesting thing. We’re always told that we need to take down our walls to let things in – emotions, perspectives, opportunities, etc. This is all true, but what about the thoughts we need to let out? The thoughts which at one time protected us, but now limit and no longer serve us?
Walls may reach a ceiling, keeping you completely sealed off, others are simple barricades, requiring certain conditions to be met so they may make it over and in. But one thing is certain, all walls are all impenetrable. So today ask yourself, are you totally sealed off, or are you simply guarded? Then ask yourself if this serves the vision you have for your life. What do you need to release today?
Perhaps it’s time to consider turning your walls into a filter, allowing flow between release and acceptance. This is part of your ongoing growth. After all, change is gradual, no matter what people want to believe. Take it slow. Embrace the process of knowing your true self, evolving with each experience, accepting without judgement and ego, and releasing so the process may start again.

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