🎶Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time…with coffee🎶

This post is about to blow your mind! My original intention was to give a “group read,” from a friend’s French Press carafe, but just as I was finishing up the read, something wild happened!! (The group read is just below.)

Keep in mind, I “free pour” my coffee. I am not a latte artist, and to be completely honest, I can’t even draw a decent stick figure. What makes this pour even more amazing is that I am, in fact, a Capricorn!

The Group Read

So many ideas, so many possibilities. From the creator so much will be born, and no two will be the same. This is wildly exciting moment! This is the moment just before creation, and a beautiful example of the Collective Unconscious. It shows us the deep connection we share with all beings, it shows us that we are both the creator and the created! As we come from the Source, we branch off with different ideas, goals, and dreams, but although we seem different, our essence remains part of something much greater. Let the energy flow from the superconscious today and watch the magic of creation unfold in each moment of your life!