Que Sera Sera Latte

This morning’s latte experience was one for the record books, that’s for sure. I posted the evidence of my pour on our Instagram. As you’ll see, I don’t do anything fancy, I just pour and whatever will be will be. What I saw in the foam was definitely special, though…and then what happened next was even more so.

The Pour

Everyone walks between darkness and light. One cannot exist without the other. They are perfectly balanced and each are unique influences in our lives. The darkness is never something to avoid, it holds our thoughts, our innermost wants and desires. The darkness is the creator of our experience. It speaks to the light, our external experiences, and begins to manifest flawlessly.

Equally, what we experience in the light feeds the thoughts that are formed, seemingly in darkness. Be an observer today, of both your experiences and your quiet thoughts. See how experiences influence your thoughts and watch how thoughts manifest throughout the day.

Today, it would be wise to consider a change in perspective. Remember, your darkness feeds the light and your light feeds the darkness. Today, feed your darkness with the light of new perspectives and illuminate new thoughts and ideas.

Ponder- “as above so below.” External reality feeds internal reality, but the higher consciousness feeds your awareness…if you let it.

Then Something Amazing Happened

After all these thoughts about light and dark, exploring the darkness and illuminating it with the light, I was compelled to do a quick photo op with my tarot cards. I did a quick shuffle and drew one card. This was the result.

The Moon
There is wisdom in the darkness.
Just beyond, a new horizon awaits. Don’t set out just yet. First, you must explore the darkness, listen to your intuition, and nurture your dreams before you cross the waters and proceed to new experiences.
Sit quietly and find your calm. Go inside your mind, your imagination, and see things in a new light. The darkness is the garden of creation.