A Walk Between Two Worlds…with Coffee

I was thinking about energy and emotions this morning as I poured my second cup, but before that, my first cup had a message for me…and that message was love.

The beginning of my first cup

And to the end, love remains…

I Think I’ll Have Another

My second cup flowed and the Hierophant appeared in my accompanying one card draw, his message was loud and clear!

Thoughts descend from above, a greater consciousness, and those thoughts interact with the spirit, flowing ever forward in the form of energy. This energy spills over into everything you do and everything you experience. You are always creating your experience based on the expectations which reside in your higher consciousness.

There is a theme of balance today, balance between body, mind, and spirit. You may find a guide today (which may very well be your higher self finally breaking through) or you may be called to lead. Whichever is true, use today to convey knowledge to those who look up to you. Be the “go between” of spirit and body, which is the mind.

You are called to be a translator today (even a translator of your own thoughts) and this position holds great power. Do not abuse this gift and use it to manipulate for selfish gain, it requires the delicate balance between honesty and compassion…and faith. The trust of those who admire you is valuable (including trusting yourself), and you must treat it as such. The gift of translation is a blessing. Use it for good and blessings will abound. Remember, have faith in yourself. Love is at the center of everything.