Coffee’s Maternal Creator

I was a bit puzzled by the Hierophant appearing for the second day in a row during my morning coffee. I had shuffled that deck so many times, even done other readings, but again he appeared, leading me to be the “translator” today. I wasn’t sure how his presence would play out once again, but then moments later, my cousin (who is closer to me than a sister) texted me her morning coffee for a reading.

I absolutely love reading coffee for my family. It’s a careful balance, though, not to let my intimate knowledge of them cloud a reading…but without fail, their essence shines through.


Intuition is truly a gift, one which everyone has. If we are open to the information intuition provides, we gain access to opportunities to explore new ideas and points of view. All of which can help us understand others and ourselves, facilitating personal growth. It even reinforces our appreciation for those we regard. If we’re lucky, it can also yield a new appreciation for those we love. When we truly know people, readings can either confirm that our perspectives are accurate, or help us see them in a different light.

A Theme of Creation

Such a peaceful mind you have today! Such an amazing gift. Your thoughts may flitter here and there, but nothing of much consequence holds your attention today. It’s a great day to pay attention to your energy. With focus on the right thoughts, you can create something completely unexpected…and wonderful! There is a great amount of potential for you, perhaps you feel something deep inside, but it doesn’t appear that you have really noticed it yet. The peace you experience is the space where you are unknowing creating something fantastic! You have some seriously great things coming!
Ohhh!! Your thoughts are building! There’s definitely something about your role as a mother here and all of your thoughts surround that very topic. It’s the focal point of everything. Dead center, to be precise. There’s also a theme of creation here. Perhaps it’s your children, perhaps it’s creation of your reality, but this is something extremely profound for you. It’s interesting that this pour happened as we were talking about that very topic, and what I see is profoundly about being a maternal creator.
(What I see – I see your thoughts surrounding a bear. The bear has a droplet beneath it, like milk from a breast. Some religions believe that the earth was made from a droplet of camel’s milk…this is what guided me. It’s really important to you!!)