Evolution of the Dragonfly…in my latte

I woke this morning to a unique perspective. A deep reconciliation of who I am and what made me this way. Much to my surprise (no matter how long I’ve done this, I’m always surprised as to how things in my mind play out almost immediately in my day), there was an evolution of a dragonfly as I sipped my morning coffee and the 8 of Swords showed just how my thoughts are the only things which keep me bound. It’s easy to let go of struggles, if you just walk away.


Each day begins with thought. Thoughts then evolve into things. Limiting beliefs are always in the mind, and can only influence the day ahead if you do not simply “walk away” from them and change the perspective. They do not render you paralyzed, only the feeling of paralysis is given when we allow ourselves to be bound by an outdated version of ourselves.

Observe your thoughts today. Do they serve your goals, or do they serve what you believe you deserve? If they do not serve your goals, all you must do is change your mind. It’s as easy as walking away and letting what binds you to fall away with each step.

Having the confidence to walk when you can’t see clearly is the conviction required when the goal is unclear. Rest assured, as the bondage dissolves, the goal will come into focus.
And the dragonfly emerges. Rebirth is rooted in change and new perspectives abound…as long as you realize the power is within you to let go and evolve.

Be brave!!