Life is Never Chaos, Only Progress

Thoughts are always at the very center of everything. It is your thoughts which are the focal point of your reality, and the way in which those thoughts manifest may seem a bit chaotic at times, know that they aren’t. The Universe is always perfect and so is its timing. Keep focussed on your thoughts and know that the uncertainty you perceive to experience is simply an illusion as you work your way closer to achieving your goals.

The ups and downs of life aren’t a matter of “good and bad.” They are a carefully, perfectly, and divinely maintained balance. Change is constant as time marches on and although the road may seem rocky at times, know that your perspective is what matters most. If you perceive change as “bad luck” then it will be, but if you perceive change as “forward progress” then it too will be.

Consider doing something you enjoy today, something which will give your heart wings and allow things to be as they should. Every thought you have had in the days and months leading to this moment is perfectly formulated by your greater consciousness based on what you have said to yourself. If you don’t like what you’re seeing play out, you have the opportunity to change the next result. Keep in mind, however, that your goals are manifesting, but it takes time, and circumstances must play out in a certain way to achieve them. Tough times may seem undesirable, but they must occur in order to shift your reality to achieve your goals.

Nothing happens by chance. What you think is always created. Understand the balance, understand the process, and keep perspective.

Life is always working in your favor…but that “favor” is up to you.

The Second Cuppa

It’s fascinating that most of my morning reads have yielded Major Arcana. I poured this cup, which looks to have a sphynx speaking from the heavens, and then cleansed my deck, shuffled, and drew this card after I initially published this blog. Fascinating that I was talking about perspective. The Hanged Man is all about new perspectives and being open to receiving new information from a higher consciousness.

Make no mistake, The Hanged Man is by no means suffering punishment, but is a symbol of enlightenment as he hangs between the worlds of mind and body. His open mind is flooded with divine information from this new perspective, and it is sheer ecstasy. His eyes are open to new awareness as he surrendered to this new position allowing his mind to be filled with knowledge he never imagined existed.

The divine speaks to us so we may emanate its grace into our physical reality. In order to hear the message, we must quiet the mind and surrender to the space in between. Release control and permit yourself into the flow. There is much to be learned and experienced with new perspectives.