The OG Creators

With sleepy eyes I poured this cup and immediately thought about the center of creation and how everything stems from it – a thought, a child, literally everything. Then I shuffled and the trend of Major Arcana continued…this time, The Lovers – the OG creators.

If we pay attention, we would realize that all of the laws of The Universe must come together perfectly to create even the simplest thought or idea. Literally everything – from the smallest thoughts to the biggest ideas, products,
and people – are the result of a massive unity of everything which already exists, overseen by laws which we cannot see, but feel every day, whether we believe in them or not.

At the center of creation is a perfect balance. What is born ventures forth, bound only by the laws which created it. Nothing is impossible, and equally nothing is possible, it is the process of creation which begins to define. Creation repeats infinitely each moment of each day. The original creation is the mother of all things – good and bad, happy and sad – emotions being the influence of the laws which govern.

The choice is yours today. The creation begins with your declaration. Your energy is infallible, it’s all about how you direct it, and you direct it by thought and emotion. There is absolutely no need to do anything more than think and feel in a manner which connects with the true laws of The Universe.

Venture forth today from a place of love. Know that you are not one half of a whole, but a whole created by a perfect balance. You complement yourself, and the influence of another can only enhance your experience. When you create from the place of self love, opportunities will present themselves and then you must choose to act. Do not confuse your thoughts with doubt and worry, today is the day to create and watch how you can change your world!