The Wisdom within a Latte

All of your experiences are what have made you who you are today. How you apply that experience is called wisdom. Patience is a natural side effect as you grow and evolve with life’s lessons.

This day is asking you to use your experiences and the wisdom they have given you. There is no need to engage in trivial quibbles, especially with yourself. Choose your battles, and choose your thoughts. You have learned so much. It is best to apply your knowledge to what suits the betterment of you and for those you are responsible.

Equally, know what is worthy of your engagement and use your wisdom to strategize with reason and fairness. In the end, you will reign supreme if you remain calm and trust in your knowledge.

The Second Cup

Just as our experiences have helped shape us, they equally support us as we move through our realities. Yet we are connected to a stillness, and within that stillness new thoughts await our reception so they may be nurtured and turned into experiences which will continue the cycle of wisdom and support.

Know that you are supported as you look out onto the world. You have everything you need as new opportunities and challenges await. Look to your world with optimism and faith in what lies within you. Know that you have everything you need to create your vision and succeed!