The Thoughts (and Coffee) Which Shape Us – A Distance Read

The Coffee:
All the things which shaped you have come together to nurture and support a new beginning. Something big is brewing based on your thoughts, it is in its infancy right now, but it has something to do with the “center of your universe.” Know that thought/prayer energy is strong and feeding this new beginning with your essence, so keep the faith strong and your thoughts positive and it will all work out beautifully and in perfect time.

9 of Swords: Try not to let your thoughts overwhelm you, especially the memories of the battles you’ve fought. It would be wise to change your thought’s focus, as to not negatively influence the future which awaits. The future is always full of potential, but often is soiled by thoughts about the past.

In Summary: Take hold of your thoughts today, and focus them on all the best things in each moment. You are nurturing something big, which is set to be the “center of your universe,” so feed that genesis with positive thoughts. Your past is what has shaped you and supports you, so honor that, but do not let past thoughts weigh you down. Keep your faith strong and your vision optimistic so you can create the greatness which is destined for you!