A New Process, a Great Adventure, and a Fresh Latte

The New Process

Well, it’s somewhat new. Since adding in tarot to my morning coffee, I discovered that I have a natural process which has helped me evolve my readings. It’s relatively simple:

  • Make Latte
  • Look for patterns and use my intuition to uncover their meaning
  • Begin to shuffle tarot deck (while still studying latte)
  • Draw card
  • Apply intuition to the card
  • Tie them both together

The New Reading

All readings now have a “Coffee Read,” a tarot read, and a summary. I’ve found that this helps tremendously when doing distance reads, as well. It’s as though looking for patterns in someone’s coffee connects my intuition to their energy and gives the tarot deck a different focus. So far, I’ve been told I’ve “hit the nail on the head” doing it this way, so it shall continue! Now onto today’s read!

A Great Adventure Awaits!

The Coffee Read:
A great adventure awaits, and someone special will join you! Don’t forget that adventure is not always physical, but also emotional and mental. There is a great union to be had, a power couple in the making, which will move easily toward dreams and desires. Be open, the world and all of its excitement awaits!

9 of Wands:
You have the inner strength to accomplish your goals, the only thing that can ever stop any of us is our own self-doubt. Know that there is no need for doubt. Open your eyes, and go forward today with the knowledge and confidence that the fire within you burns exclusively for you to accomplish your goals. You are poised and ready to receive everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

In Summary:
You have what it takes to make your dreams come true, and it is going to be an amazing adventure. Stave off those nasty, limiting thoughts with the magic you hold, they serve no purpose and only delay your blessings. Then get ready, because you’re about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!