Latte Thoughts

The Coffee:
Think about all which had to come together to make you – the timing, the perfect balance of all elements, it was no easy task, and most certainly no accident. All which made you was in perfect harmony with The Universe and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Your beginning created your essence, which influences every part of your experience. Keep this in mind as you go throughout your day. You are unique so you may uniquely impact the world. Your every thought and every action has an effect, and they too can be no less than perfect. Release your guilt and regret today, it serves no purpose other than to support a lower consciousness’ goal of survival. Reach for your higher self, and see how you are a part of a greater balance. Know that everything you do is a butterfly effect, so raise your awareness and trust that your deeds will have an impact. Be careful though, just as your good will be felt, so will your bad. What do you truly want to experience?

Queen of Swords:
Thoughts are worthy of your protection, especially at times of great decisions. Be selective in what and who you put your energy into today, and if you have a decision to make, take your time and be smart about it. The intelligent approach is the ability to see all perspectives in order to make good decisions, which will always give you an advantage.

You are the perfect embodiment of creation and are therefore have perfect influence on the world. Whatever you think, say, and do will all equally play out in your reality. Whether it’s positive or negative is completely up to you. As you make decisions throughout the day, consider that it may be time to be more selective about the process. A calm mind which considers every angle will always work to your advantage so you may work toward a desired outcome in the best way possible. It is your divine power to create, so create wisely.