You’re Ready…for another latte

The Coffee
The ocean of creation both gives and receives. Ideas are nurtured within this womb and birthed into the world of physical reality experiences. In the spirit of reciprocity, the vessel which receives this inspiration returns the feeling of experience back to the ocean, nurturing the evolution of new experiences.

2 of Wands
Gaze upon the world from a calm perspective, confident in the power which you hold, and know that there is always more power in reserve. Trust that you have the wisdom to handle any challenge or obstacle and welcome whatever comes your way with optimism. You have everything you need to be successful as you embark upon your day.

In Summary
Nurture the understanding of your relationship with the creative forces which lie within you. Find a peaceful place and look upon your inner and outer worlds peacefully, so your higher self can guide you perfectly. You are always protected and safe, so looking forward with excitement and optimism is always the best way to flow with your true self. Accept these forces and trust them today. You are ready for everything!!