The Day of the Dreamer

The Coffee
Working within the flow is a dance…once you get there. The mind is an interesting place and can keep you from the right kind of dreams. All too often, as an adult, thoughts of “what if it does” are replaced with “what if it doesn’t” and it is our duty to recognize and correct our minds back to a better, more optimistic focus. Flow with “what if it does” today and continue toward your beautiful potential.

Knave of Wands
Creativity is always within your reach, however it is hard to realize when you lack focus on a goal. Without focus, it’s hard to achieve, so expect to stumble until you figure out what it is you want. You have the magic to achieve anything, you just need to direct your full attention. Seek out guides who inspire you today, ones who know the type of gentle guidance you need. Embrace your creativity and start upon a new adventure!

In Summary
Embrace your calling and release all doubt. Allow the potential of the new day to guide you. In order to create, you must know what it is you want and let it flow through you. This is a space where there is no effort, only happiness and joy as your higher self is ever your ally. Do not stifle your potential with doubt and the conscious effort of controlling the situation. Your job is to dream and let the path unfold before you!