Enter the Flow

The Coffee
When your mind is clear you enter the flow and are able to navigate the twists and turns of life. You are being called to be silent and be still today. Might I recommend working on meditation, even if just for a few minutes. There is so much to explore!

The World
With all the elements in perfect balance you leave your old world behind and emerge anew. This is a big change, a positive change. Then again, all change is positive if you choose to see it as such. Endings are always new and exciting beginnings. Accept what was, embrace this rebirth, and start fresh.

Go with the flow today. Change your perspective and change your opinions. It is up to you to see things as negative or positive. The choice is yours, which means the outcome is solely your responsibility. There are facts in life, but how you feel about those facts is opinion. Once you realize that all change is good, if you decide it to be, emerging into a new world holds the exact adventure your soul has called into existence.