Dare to Imagine

Imagination is so much more than just a world of dreams and wishes. Imagination is one of life’s greatest tools. Every thought you have is imagination, whether you’re at work or laying in bed drifting off to dream. The past and the future only reside in your imagination, the present is all that is truly real, yet so many of us live in the past, or worry about what the future holds.

Your imagination holds the power to create, and equally the power to destroy.

Do your best to train your mind to imagine only the most fantastical and rewarding thoughts. Whether you believe it or not, you are in control of your life’s creations. If you don’t work with your mind, you leave your life up to chance…some would call this “fate.” If you take control of your thoughts and guide them to places which you want to go, you have infinite control over the life you experience.

But don’t forget the emotions which come along with thoughts. You fuel your thoughts with emotion. Fear and happiness are equally powerful creators. If your thoughts cause you fear or joy, you will receive it. Some may say the Law of Attraction takes a long time. It doesn’t. Certain scenarios may take longer to play out, depending on how complex and different they are from your current reality. But the emotional experience is immediate and plays out almost as quickly in real life.

The choice is up to you today. What do you want to experience?