Purposeful Distraction

Sometimes all we really need is a distraction. But with the right perspective we’ll see that everything we do is a distraction as we make our way to whatever it is we are focusing on. Today, begin to embrace that your day-to-day is exactly what you need to do to get wherever it is you truly want to go. And so ask yourself, “exactly what am I focusing on when I close my eyes at night?”. Because that’s what The Universe is working on as you distract yourself throughout the day. That’s the passive focus Josie de Vere was talking about the other day.

And speaking of focus

Don’t forget that focus needs to be practiced. Nurtured as you would a child. Doing this is what makes you the master of your own destiny. You’ll find appreciation for whatever you are doing because when you embrace the practice of focus, you’ll see how the journey along the “goal path” is full of the inspiration of wisdom. You’ll find purpose in all of your actions, even the most trivial ones. They all create something. So be vigilant with your mind. It’s hard at first, but it does get easier, and then it becomes so easy that you realize that focusing your mind is much easier (and more rewarding) than tending to the randomness of the unfocused mind.