A Chance on Curiosity

Cup 1 was full of potential, but Cup 2 took it to another level. I hope you can see that you’re behind the rabbit looking down the hole. What you can see from this vantage, where you are right now, is only the beginning. Imagine if you went just a tiny bit further and took a chance on exploring your curiosity. Because what do you really have to lose? The ordinary? Isn’t that what so many of us want? A life full of new adventures? Well, those can only be found if you change your approach and go further, if even on thought alone, exploring what brings you the excitement of unexplored possibilities. But be prepared, there is always good and bad. Those are two ends of the same pole. So embrace them equally and you will find that the sum total of your experience is dazzling. So prepare to be dazzled. Experience it all! The only thing you have to lose is the ordinary.

And if you love your ordinary, imagine how much better your ordinary can get if you dare to peek at a new and improved ordinary. Change is imminent, in some way or another, so to you I say, go give your ordinary some love.