What’s On and In Your Mind

Welcome to another day. Not another week of your usual days. It’s another day of potential for something new. So if you’d like to know what’s in store, pause for a moment and be honest with yourself. Take a look at what’s in the back of your mind. Because this is where what Josie de Vere calls your “passive focus” lies in wait to bring things into your reality.

And while you pay the back of your mind a visit, ask yourself if what you’re finding there are short term wants or goals. Because the truest long term goal is making the world you experience truly joyful. So consider planting the seed of your idea of perfection in the back of your mind and then set small goals each day to do something or a few things that are inspiring. Things in which the work holds a quicker realization of the goal, things which you are happy to put the time and energy in to accomplish.