The Point of Struggle

Let’s start off today knowing that “struggles” aren’t “challenges.” Because the essence of challenges is improvement. Whereas the essence of struggle is to defeat or be defeated. (Josie de Vere wrote an amazing blog about #manifestation and the essence of the words we use.)

When struggles in life come along they can certainly teach us a lot about ourselves. But perhaps there is something even bigger we’re supposed to realize. The thing is, we often lose sight of our goals and forget how good it would feel to achieve them. So when struggles arise, rather than beginning the process of reciting the situation in your mind in an effort to strategize a response, pause for a moment. Set your wounded ego aside and be reminded of your goal. From there you will see if spending a moment more thinking of how to handle the struggle is even worth it.

Struggles could very well be a sign that it’s time for a change…a change of focus.