Sustaining Victory

If things feel slow, or monotonous, or like nothing is ever going to change…you know, if it feels like Groundhog Day…ask yourself to name a tiny victory that has happened today. And it’s not cliche to say that you opened your eyes. It’s what got you right here, right now. Because if you’re reading this, know that you have, at the very least, just enough of the delicate balance of health to keep you alive. And while we may not see it that way, or perhaps it seems trivial because the opposite is weighing much heavier on your mind, it’s the truth. And having a little bit of something to keep you going is a true blessing. And these little things are what to focus on when life seems to have slowed down. Because you know, deep down, that you are looking forward to something. You just may be paying attention to the immediate situation rather than the vast potential of what is to come.


Resist the urge to be drawn into the worry of sustaining the victory and just rest knowing that it is, in fact, a victory.