The Wisdom You Seek

Your life’s challenges and successes hold wisdom. Knowledge can be circumstantial, but when knowledge becomes wisdom, it is deeper and more widely applied. You can find your wisdom in the underlying metaphors of your thoughts. So seek the creative thought to begin to uncover your inner wisdom.

Wisdom is a healer. But unlike “building walls” to keep ourselves guarded, wisdom applies a thicker skin so you may engage with life while minimizing the effects of those temporary emotional reactions. Wisdom holds the confidence you need to forge ahead and experience your life as you see fit, not how others see fit for you.

But this is not to say to use the thicker skin of your wisdom to become callus. Many callus people use the term “realist” as a defense. We are not meant to live so coldly. We are meant to Accept, Release, and Retain. Accept things for how they are, release them, only retaining the wisdom they hold. This is true freedom.