The Opposite of Love

What you admire in others is your inner voice telling you what you need to do. Allow me to explain, based on this latte.

The opposite of love is not actually hate. The opposite of love is nothing. Pure emptiness. The depth of this emptiness is why losing love is so paralyzing. But within emptiness, when it’s able to be acknowledged, is vast potential. Possibilities abound and there is healing in even the most minuscule potential of what love embodies.

You see, love gains its attachment to hate through admiration. Because admiration is the opposite of hate. And the beginnings of love are filling the emptiness with admiration. Admiration is a tonic and love even more miraculous. But you must first fill the emptiness of love with things you admire. And you cannot find this admiration outside of yourself. You must yourself embody the things you admire in order to manifest the love you desire in your outer reality.