Good News!

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Good news! What you see is, in fact, what you get! Because you always choose what you want to see in any given situation. And this tells you a lot about your approach to life. Even better news is, if you don’t like what you’re seeing, you can begin to make changes by simply trying to see the opposite. It’s like Josie de Vere said in her blog about thinking in reverse, you have to find a way to experience your mind differently. 

But there’s more. Simply thinking of opposites is only the beginning. It’s about practicing this new way of thinking until it yields more. More perspective, more desire, and as Josie said this morning, more conviction focussed in the direction you desire. You are 100% in the driver’s seat of your life’s experience. The flawed life is not flawed, but rather the idea that it is flawed. And this seemingly “flawed approach” is simply leaving things up to Chance. It’s an option, but not the only option. And you’re not seeing this post because that’s the option you truly want. So what do you CHOOSE to see? And are you willing to keep trying? It seems like you are. So don’t stop.