Your World’s Peace

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If you really think about it, it’s rather ironic to look for something to calm us in the massive distraction of our outer experiences. There’s no doubt that social media is distracting, traffic is distracting, work is distracting, and on and on. And these distractions often stoke the flames of our discontent. And so we search for better in our outer experiences. We look for cute pictures, we look for a peaceful oasis just to tell ourselves that what we’re experiencing right now isn’t all that exists. 

But through these images we are not actually looking for outward peace (even though a peaceful scene is a really nice momentary observation). What we are truly looking for is the inspiration to create inner peace. The inspiration to step away from all the crazy, quiet our minds, and find the peace we so desperately desire. Because our minds, like our outer realities, are so often just as crowded with distractions. But somewhere deep down we all know that the peace we wish to observe in our outer experiences is truly within us, which is why we keep searching. So be encouraged to find that inspiration each day. Because by doing so you are experiencing tiny bits of inner peace, of stillness, which is exactly what you need to become the peace your world needs.