Mental Habitat, Thought Intruders, and a Double Espresso

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Today’s coffee horoscope is a double!

As I made my first latte I was thinking about all the choices which brought us to this moment. As well as the choices we face which will inevitably lead to a unique future. As the espresso began to flow I began to fall in love with the feeling of being present and attentive to those choices. This actually matters more than the future they promise. Yes, while these choices hold tomorrow’s wisdom, right now they hold the excitement of possibilities. Most of which we haven’t considered because we’re in our routine of usual thought. But entertaining all the possibilities and choosing which one you’d prefer is what actually influences our choices and changes our present, and the future. Yes, we want to “see results” right away, so we keep going with the predictable choice. It’s quicker…and safer. But imagine the results if you explore more possibilities!

Then I poured this latte and immediately my mind shifted. I realized that the nature of our reality is our habitat. And we exist in two distinct habitats, both physical and mental landscapes. We seem to like to fit in, blend in just enough to survive in our physical habitat. We are so wired for survival that we spend our time amongst our mental habitat figuring out ways to keep up that we almost disappear. 

Our habitats for physical survival can consume us. We find social circles which fit us to help us survive if the need should arise. But I’m here to tell you that with all the modern conveniences of life, you really don’t have to fit in to survive. So spend a little time in your mental habitat and get past all the noise. Get to creating a mental habitat for yourself, one where you can spot the thought intruders and run them off before they get too comfortable.