A Clear Mind

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Let’s be honest. You’re not looking for a “clear head,” you’re looking for a peaceful mind. 

We offer ourselves so little peace in life. We “take breaks” to distract ourselves into the illusion of peace. Which leaves peace to only be found in fleeting moments. 

But once we embrace the journey toward inner peace, we can easily see how we have been living in constant anticipation. (Ever have insomnia?) Become aware of this and you will get further down the path toward peace, toward deep stillness. This is how your mind begins to come into focus. 

How? We asked Josie de Vere because she’s been practicing meditating for years. (Note we didn’t say “practicing meditation.” This is because she realized that this sounds too much like she actually knows what she’s doing.)

“It’s practicing zoning out. Not being engaged with anything. Just let your eyes go out of focus. This will bring your mind into focus. It’s a simple, albeit intentional, shift of attention.”

Josie de Vere ~ Herding Cats