Your Ego Might Have the Mic

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It’s the weekend and it’s (hopefully) restful. Give yourself a moment to consider that everything in your life is an asset. Meaning that everything and everyone around you is useful to how you’re living your life right now. Do you like how you’re living right now? Are there things you want to change? 

Take some time to consider your vision for your best life. What in your life is still of value? What is draining you? Are you holding onto to things, and people, which are no longer adding value? Maybe you’re holding onto relationships that you hope will maybe someday be amazing if they *do this or that.* Be honest with yourself. What do you have which enhances your vision for your best life? Those are the things and people which empower your mind to be inspired to continue enhancing life. These are the assets to nurture. And while it’s a bitter pill, it may be time to start to change how you allow the less inspiring things and people to influence your life.

Remember that the thoughts you’re thinking are your greatest assets. So as you take inventory of your life’s physical assets and their influence on your thoughts, consider that you may be giving the opinion mic to your ego. Assets can become liabilities if not properly managed. And this includes your mind. Begin to take back your mind from your greedy ego so you may switch from outer reactions to inner creation.