“You’re Grounded” is a Good Thing

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Today’s coffee message is quite clear. Don’t forget to ground yourself. You live in two distinct realities, and the physical world can be quite daunting, even overwhelming. Which is why it’s so important to visualize grounding your body onto/into the earth. These roots you send down deep act like a bridge between your mind and body, providing steady passage for what you encounter. They allow you to maintain perspective and not be shaken too hard by your experiences. Imagine how the wind rustles the leaves, but barely moves the tree.

This practice has the potential to provide you with a new understanding of just how influential the outer reality can be on our minds. Our outer realities are what induce thoughts of anxiety, worry, and fear. But these are just emotions and they will pass if we let them. Because deep down, beneath all the layers of influence is the peace you’ve been looking for.