Yesterday’s You

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For just a moment, give some thought to your more formal, albeit basic education. Do we ever stop to consider that the structured education we receive has never been properly explained to us? How many of us were actually told why the basics are so important? Sure, we’re told they’re necessary for life. We’re told they will help us get a job. But how often is it explained that you are acquiring the basics you will need to survive in the world so you can gather wisdom? Your unique wisdom.

Learning the basic information necessary to meet our basic needs for survival in our respective societies is what is essential. But information is different than wisdom. You are supposed to use the basics as inspiration to go deeper, to go different. This is how we apply our uniqueness to the basics and thrive.

No matter how old you are, know that each day you are teaching a younger version of yourself something new. Reflect on this at the beginning and end of each day and life may just make more sense, and dare I say it, become a bit more satisfying. (And parents, think of how you could change your children’s lives if you teach this to them.)