For Better (or worse) Than Imagined

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How many times have things worked out? Odds are 100% if you’re reading this. And in life you’ve probably uttered the words, “better (or worse) than imagined.” And either way you were right.

We have ideas on what we would like to have happen to solve for this or that. But there’s a difference between thinking about what you’d like to have happen and what else could happen.

When you focus on what else could happen you are clearing the path for “worse than you could imagine” to come crusin up. And while sometimes it’s not “as bad as you expected,” it’s still not what you would have liked to have happen.

But when you focus on what you’d like to happen you clear the path for “better than you could imagine.” So don’t get too tied up in wanting the finer details…that just slows things down. Just surrender to knowing that something so good is coming you literally “can’t even imagine.”

Herding Cats Meditation™ Family

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