Those Really Big Goals

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When we want something bigger than what we already have the appeal of them holds an air of wonder, excitement, and life change which are all magical. And this is also what delays us, if not downright blocks us, from achieving them. 

It isn’t the size of our goals, it’s the unfamiliarity which puts our goals on a pedestal. Yes, this is what makes us strive, but it is also what makes us struggle. 

Set goals, but also demystify them. Realize that you aren’t in search of their physical representation, but the feeling of accomplishment. The feeling of what it would be like to have something different. Something you perceive as more desirable than not having it. That’s all. So look for the feeling of how it has felt to accomplish to this point and you’ll begin to know what accomplishing your bigger goals feels like before you even have them. Because it’s the exact same feeling. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is how you prepare to receive. It is also how you tune into the frequency of what it is you want. You are no longer searching for your goal. You are vibing with it.