Zoom Out For Hyper Gratitude

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You’re probably doing it right now. You’ve probably been doing it since you opened your eyes this morning. That thought just keeps repeating. The one you’ve been solving for before you move on to over think a thought about something else you need to solve for. Just writing that was dizzying. But don’t worry. We all do it. But can you imagine what you’re missing? Get ready, because it’s time to kick the habit of the same old thought patterns.

Hyper focusing on thoughts limits your perspective (Captain Obvious, right here). But the question in this is, “Why do we abbreviate our ability to think thoughts?” And what’s even worse is many of us are in the habit of picking the worse thoughts to hyper focus on! You see, we can hyper focus on good thoughts or bad thoughts. It doesn’t matter. But if you’re looking for possibilities, then recognizing that you’re focusing on all that is not is showing you that you’ve zoomed in a bit too much. It’s time to zoom out.

Zoom out and see all that there is to be grateful for. All the other paths, all the experiences and opportunities for you to grow your wisdom. Yes, new paths do have unexpected challenges and obstacles, and they are equally scary and exciting. If you want the excitement to override your fears, you have to teach yourself to embrace that little fear that goes with the thrill of potential. It’s time to shift your focus from obstacles and the risks of change and begin to embrace the excitement of doing something new. 

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