Your Esoteric Life

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“Everything happens for a reason.” And if you finish that statement, you’ll see that you’re meant to figure out the reason. 

Sayings which hold wisdom are not meant to be used as a way of dismissing further efforts of discovery. Everything does happen for a reason, and you’re meant to find out what it is. By nurturing your self awareness through introspection, you will begin to see the reasons for everything that has happened until this very moment. But what’s even better, you’ll learn how to look at your current circumstance objectively. You will get past looking only at the reasons you prefer (which are often not the reason, anyway) and begin understanding the reasons which apply to your greater purpose. This will allow you to adjust how you manage your life to make way for the future you wish to experience. 

So go in search of reasons. Be open to the infinite possibilities of meaning. Let go of the concrete and embrace your unique esoteric relationship to life. Only you will know reasons which resonate. And you will be able to tell the difference between wishful thinking and your deeper personal truth. 

Wishful thinking is a wonderful diversion, and while it creates excitement and hope, it also creates longing. Finding the reasons, your personal truths, creates purpose and that’s what will make your dreams come true.

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