The Word of the Day: Flow

coffee, horoscope, wisdom, flow, change, mindfulness, stress

The key to today’s latte foam horoscope is the word “flow.” Of course we know that change is constant. We hear it so much that just saying that is a cliché. But as Josie de Vere says, “Cliches exist because they’re true. Overused, but true.” So since change is going to happen whether you want it to or not, what we need to know is, “What are the options?” Well, the first is to create our own stress by resisting change, or you can embody its flow by embracing it. 

Embodying the flow is obviously the best answer. But how? You can find the flow of change by practicing the idea of knowing that you are right where you’re supposed to be. This change is getting you somewhere that is better than you can possibly imagine. It’s a tough idea to get used to, but all you need to do is say those words to yourself over and over, whether you believe them or not. You’ll soon gain the perspective that good things always come around…if you choose to see them.

The choice is yours and in the end, it’s just change. So just ask yourself which you want, stress or flow. Because you’re getting the change. It’s how you approach it and embrace it which matters.