What You Really Want…

It’s been said that when you really want something, in order to get it you must “experience how it feels to have it.” We’ve echoed this by saying what we’re actually searching for is the sensation of what it feels like to have something. But what is that experience? What is the sensation we’re looking for? The answer is simple. What you’re really looking for is gratitude.

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We want to be happy…and not just because something makes us happy. We just want to be happy. Period. Finding things to be grateful about is the pinnacle of “happy.” Because there is appreciation. Genuine appreciation. Sure, we may want things to make life easier, to have some kind of wonderful experience. But when all is said and done, time passes, things and stuff become “common” and we start taking things for granted. But when we look back, the gratitude for having experienced something is what remains.

Go in search of being grateful. Even going so far as to finding something to be thankful for about things you don’t necessarily like. Because this. Gratitude. Is how it feels to have the things you dream about. You are so happy and thankful you received! And you will nurture things you are grateful for, which is how they will last longer in your life. So let gratitude raise your vibration, your frequency. The more you find things to be grateful about, the more things will appear. It’s a simple, albeit magical shift in your perspective. (Also known as an attitude adjustment.)

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