When Faced with “Dis-Solution”

Last night Josie de Vere and I were having a chat. She had a few things she needed to solve for, but the solutions had yet to become clear. Every solution she tested hit a wall. She smiled when she said, “So I suppose I found a lot of ‘dis-solution’”.

Then this morning she woke up with two possible solutions for her troubles, one better than the other. And she woke up with a new idea, too. So, you see, today we take our lesson from this simple example. Yes, everything is going to work out. It’s about how you approach it. Josie tried to consciously solve for her problems, and the answer just wasn’t clear. But, as she explained, when she closed her night with meditation she released her troubles and said, “I know it’ll all work out.” And in just enough time it took for a good night’s sleep, problems solved and better than ever.

Whatever you’re trying to solve for today, know that the answers are inside you and the only reason you can’t find them is because your ego is in the way of you and your inner wisdom. So when a solution isn’t immediately clear and you just keep struggling to find resolution, release your struggles by saying, “Yes, it’s all going to work out.” This is a form of surrender to your inner wisdom that’s been waiting for you to give it a chance.

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