Whispers of Inspiration

Each day our minds race from the interactions with our life’s circumstance. This is how we engage and actively problem solve. It’s how we make sure that we come to the right conclusions to reach desired outcomes. A highly tuned in mind isn’t a bad thing, especially when it comes to our interactions with this physical life. But this mindset is what makes it hard to stay mindful.

This is the very mindset that causes us to become overwhelmed, and when we cannot find an answer we allow this mindset to repeat over and over to the extent that it’s maddening. If you find yourself burning the wheels of your mind but not making any gains this is your reminder to slow down. Life has become too loud, and it’s drowning out new solutions and new ideas. It’s time to disengage from your outer reality and focus on your mind. Let the shouts of life diminish by giving them your attention, because your attention is all they want. Just like a child who is acting up. You’ll quickly see that engaging with those shouts renders them speechless and they will just drift away. Then you will be able to hear the whispers of inspiration beneath all the chatter.

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