Beautiful, Profound Inspiration

Yesterday Josie de Vere wrote a poem. The moral of her poem was not to let perfect moments of inspiration expire by pulling your mind away from them to tend to something “more important.” And since we believe that thoughts are things, it didn’t take long for that poem to work its way into the swirls of our latte foam this morning and continue to inspire our thoughts.

Too often we put our inspiration on hold telling ourselves we’ll return, but too often, we never do. And equally, we try to force a perfect moment to last longer than it should. But the mind is known to stray, and quickly. So find faith in the idea that everything is in perfect timing. And when you find something beautiful and profound enough to inspire you, let it. For as long as it cares to stay. It won’t set your day off course, and it won’t take any more time than you have. You never know, it just might last awhile.

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Which Comes First? Coffee Thoughts or Shower Thoughts

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