Life’s Equations and Solutions

“Math is the universal language.” “Numbers don’t lie.” We all know the sayings. Well, if the Universe is mathematical, then life makes you a research scientist of sorts. You’re living in a big word problem that is uniquely your own. Which means you are searching for answers by collecting data and plugging it into the variety of equations you solve for each day. But that all means nothing if you don’t know the equation.

Take some time to look at your situations and circumstances as equations. What and who are you plugging into the formula to get your answer? You’ll quickly see that the formula isn’t the issue, it’s the variables being plugged into it. You cannot expect a different answer if you continue to use the exact same people and things in the equation. If you want a unique solution, you must seek out unique variables.

In other words, when things don’t add up, it’s not the equation, it’s the variables you’re using.

The Solution

When we try and control things we are attempting to make the variables perform differently within our equation. But we cannot ask the variable to be something it’s not. Instead we must replace it with a variable which is a better suited to produce the desired outcome.


The most unique variable you can use is YOU. The bonus is that you get extra credit for realizing that you can learn new things so you can be whatever you need yourself to be to get the desired answer. Just remember that you get what you give, so be the best version of you in the process.

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