Falling Apart

Sometimes our worlds, our realities, seem to “fall apart.” Things are going along just fine and *WHAMMO*. Major, unexpected change. But is it really so unexpected? 

When things begin to fall apart, rather than spending too much time focussing on the situation, look for the source of the initial deterioration. There’s a good chance that something was neglected, left to become stagnant. Knowing this should cause you to head straight back to your foundation. The part of you which you build all things upon. Because there’s little more damaging in nature than stagnation. And you need to be sure that the situation at hand hasn’t/isn’t compromising you, at your core.

The Universe doesn’t even know the word “stagnation.” Life is perpetual change. Either you can guide the change or it will simply happen. And the source of “unexpected” change is often within the things we let stagnate. In other words, when we leave things up to Fate.

So don’t let your foundation get damaged by the things you’re avoiding or ignoring.

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