Goddess in My Latte

This morning’s accidental latte art looked like the wings of Isis to me. Isis is the goddess of so much – life, death, healing, magic, rebirth. Pretty much everything. Which reminds us that each day we are presented with infinite possibilities.

Everything is going to happen in a day. Everything. The choice is yours what you’d like to experience. Since it’s all out there, doesn’t it stand to reason that you can choose what you’d like to witness? And if you like what you see, then you’re welcome to create the experience for yourself. In your own unique way. It’s all up to you.

possibilities, karma, choices, meditation, coffee, latte, new day

Don’t Forget Karma is a Daily Thing

Every day we create more karma. The future effects of your current (and past) actions. So just remember that karma is always better after coffee. Welcome to My Morning Coffee Story’s first contribution to the Herding Cats Meditation™ Shop – “Coffee & Karma.”

karma, coffee, meditation, herding cats