Give Better Than You Got

Have you ever asked yourself what gift you’re giving? Because that’s what we do each day as we set out into the world. We commit to giving the individuals we encounter the gift of our unique individuality. What is the gift you’re giving?

But before you answer that, you must first nurture a deeper understanding of what it means to receive. What have you received? Have you ever looked at it that way? What would it be like to be on the receiving end of you? Would you like it? The questions take the perspective that Josie de Vere is always talking about, but this perspective is what yields to understanding. And a deep understanding of how we affect the world is at the root of self improvement (and life improvement).

Repeating What You Got

Becoming aware of what you’re giving to this world is also a great way to know what’s going on deep down inside of you. Are you experiencing life as you’d like to, or as you’ve always known? This is an important distinction. So you must be honest with yourself.

The entire point of creating the life you want is to improve the things you don’t like receiving, not repeat them. Once you gain a deeper understanding for what you’ve received you will be able to see the patterns you’re repeating which keep you receiving more of the same. You will begin to understand that you’re likely giving what you got.

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The moment you realize this, you will be able to see how important it is to be better, to give better. This is how you will begin to nurture the gratitude necessary to create a new life. And it will be unconditional simply because you will feel how amazing it is to give better than you got. And this is the feeling you’ve been looking for all along.

coffee, karma, meditation, horoscope