What You’re Thinking

Today I poured my latte with less fanfare than recent days and within moments thoughts came to me that made me realize that everything you are experiencing in your life is a reflection of what your subconscious is thinking. How you emotionally experience and respond to every single circumstance is life telling you how you feel about YOU.

If you want to have a different experience, you have to change what your subconscious is thinking. You have to change how you feel. And the only way to do that is to start repeating different thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you believe them or not. Just get in the habit of repeating thoughts, mantras, whatever. Just let them be thoughts and ideas you want to have.

Make this your practice multiple times each day. Set a reminder and take the time to focus your mind and have the thoughts. Repeat them over and over and over. Never stop. Even if nothing changes. Never stop. Because they will take hold in your subconscious. And then they will take shape in your reality. So pay attention, your life experience will always tell you what you’re thinking.

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