Coffee Cliche of the Day

Today we’re borrowing a phrase from Josie de Vere and titling this piece, “Coffee Cliche of the Day.” We often hear things like, “Have hope” and “There’s always hope.” They seem a bit worn out, so much so, they’ve become cliche. But they’re a cliche because they’re all true.

Today’s latte gives us an iris. And while the iris symbolizes many things, this iris is green. And there is one symbolic meaning that both the iris and the color green have in common. And that is Hope. Now add in that we chose to use our “Third Eye” coffee cup and we’ve got ourselves a full on intuitive hopeful extravaganza!

Our coffee’s message to you is that your higher self wants you to know that beneath everything you’re going through there is hope. Believing in yourself, and learning how to believe in yourself, is the hope you’ve been hoping for. Hope, hope, hope. It’s all about hope.

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Because while we often look for others to believe in us, their confidence is the blessing you need, the confidence you can lean on as you find your way to believing in yourself…for yourself.

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