Relationship Energy

Today is the day to start changing how we approach our work. When you show up, either physically or mentally, for anything begin to recognize that you’re not working for anyone. And you’re not working on any “thing.” What you’re working for and working on is you. Because you is all there truly is.

Relationships, For Example

Take relationships for example. We say, “We’re working on it,” or “we’re working on our relationship.” As though the relationship is somehow a project. Like you’re building a woodshed. And maybe it is, in some ways. But if we really take a look at what relationships are we’ll find that they’re an exchange of energy between two people. And the only way to change the energy between two people is to change our own energy. This changes the blend of energy. One of the primary ingredients of your relationships. That’s how you work on your relationship. You work on you. And the way you work on you is to focus on becoming better. 

There’s Always a “But”

The thing about becoming better is that you are going to change something. You are going to let go of things which hold you back. And this means that you are going to change. We sometimes call this “growth.” And when we “grow,” we create endings and beginnings. Which means that embracing a different you will result in your relationship energies (personal or professional) changing, too. Or they may simply fall away, altogether. 

So always remember, better is worth it. 

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