Be the OG

Today The Devil and The Tower (interesting that they appeared in their natural order) , and the cute little creature in our latte bring to us words of inspiration. We have the choice to take a chance on ourselves…or not. Because taking a chance on ourselves means embracing our true selves and expressing that honest version. And if we do this, we will quickly find that embracing our truth is how we create the change – the life we imagine when we close our eyes.

Express Yourself

We often think of expressing ourselves as taking a chance and doing something we wouldn’t normally do. And why is it we wouldn’t normally express ourselves? Perhaps because, deep down, we don’t want to stand out for fear of criticism or even rejection.

But when we express ourselves we change the world around us by expressing the world within us. We begin to explore deeper visions of ourselves and see how they work in our realities. And from there, we can continue to refine ourselves and our visions, rather than simply recreate someone else’s.


This expression is what “blows the top off” of what was. And it becomes what is. All because you took a chance on simply expressing yourself. Not repeating what others have done. Because if you follow any popular quote, action, or even trend back far enough you’ll find an original thought from someone. Why not let the next one be yours?

After all, being you is who you were always meant to be. So be originally you.

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