Humility of Abundance

Today’s coffee experience is overseen by the 9 of Pentacles. Which means you’re about to be rewarded with another level of abundance. But it’s not without hard work, sacrifice, struggles, perseverance, the good and the bad. All of this and more has been along your path and to put it plainly, you’ve earned it.

The Lily of the Valley shows up in our latte this morning. Which really supports the feminine energy of the 9 of Pentacles. So pay attention to this special coffee/card combination. The Lily is a symbol of purity and humility. The essence of purity is in your efforts which is giving birth to your bounty. And humility reinforces the wisdom you’ve gained from your experiences which has led you to your goals. And while both the tarot and the coffee are signs that you are heading for a new beginning, a goal will be reached first. So be sure to celebrate!

When the celebration winds down, it will be important to reflect upon the lessons which taught you the most valuable thing – humility. The humility you bring to this achievement of your goal(s) is the true bounty you reap from your accomplishments. It is what you will carry with you as you begin again.

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