You’re Close to Your Goal! But…

This morning was an interesting tarot coffee combination. The Ace of Swords tells us our goal is near, so stay focussed and “undistracted.” But the Two of Pentacles in our latte ask you to pause before making any decisions. Put them together and we know that you are close to your goal but there are distractions which need to be set aside. You must be able to focus if you are to achieve. Our latte warns, don’t make any decisions just yet.

With the Two of Pentacles showing up in our latte, we are asked to pause before making any decisions. Let the “chips fall as they may.” You must wait until you can better focus. It won’t be long. Just wait until the distractions take their own course. Do not interfere and accept their outcomes. Let them be whatever they want to be. Because you are on your goal’s path. And you need to make choices with clarity. This is what will surely lead you to your success.

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